MKE Week 7: Empowering Subby with Vivid Direction

I now realize that a core principle of the Master Key System is to empower one’s subconscious mind with vivid, purposeful, self-directed guidance.

Consciously directed or un-directed on autopilot, subby is working 24/7 to manifest whatever is in my blueprint to become my reality.   To date…mine has been running on happenstance software that probably has been full of viruses and lacks consistency and harmony.  Yes, I’ve put in some specific desires along the way, but also a bunch of inconsistent crap that has just shown up.  No wonder my life, while blessed, isn’t as I desire it to be…my “guardian at the gate” let all kinds of strange stuff in.  Now, through the MKE that is starting to change.

An analogy from the world of art.  I’ll admit that I don’t “get” modern art.  I look at this and don’t comprehend anything other than interesting shape and perhaps pleasing colors.  This may well represent the blueprint that my subby has been working from.

modern art

On the other hand, one glance at realistic art and it is easy to comprehend a destination, perhaps someone’s dream home on the ocean.  To someone who would love to spend their carefree days in this idealistic location…it’s easy to understand.  It’s easy to project a day of bliss smelling the salted air, hearing the gulls, being bathed in warmth by the sun yet refreshed by the cool ocean breeze.

ocean front house

Which of these styles of art do you believe will have a higher chance of impressing the subconscious mind in a way to generate a specific desired outcome?

All the work of consciously idealizing my DMP and visualizing my bliss is about creating something specific for subby to work on that will please me.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


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