MKE Week 7A: My MKE Community

When I read the following passage from Peter Diamandis, it immediately made me think how grateful I am to be part of the MKE Community:

Life is who you go through life with.

You’ve likely heard the saying that you’re the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. But beyond individuals, the communities you spend the most time with directly and consequentially impact your mindset.

Today, each of us has the ability to search the world and find “our peeps,” wherever they may live on the planet. Our goal should be to find those who dream the same big dreams and believe in a better, more abundant world.

7 weeks ago we started a journey.  I have had prior activity with Mark and Davene J and knew the quality of their training.  So I applied for the PIF scholarship with high expectations.  But the MKE is different in a way, rather than primarily skills training as I experienced in the past, a lot of the benefit I expected to achieve from this adventure comes from the mastermind synergy that occurs as a group of people share their personal insights and quandaries for collective benefit.


I wish to express gratitude with my Tribe and Guides…from the blogs/Polos/Zoom’s we are getting to know where people are in their lives and how the process of becoming self-directed thinkers can elevate our consciousness and empower us to serve others in amazing ways.  I’m choosing to participate as much as I can in these group-think opportunities and it is definitely become a key part of my experience.  So cheers to Peter’s insight…and so happy to have found “my peeps”.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


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