MKE Week 7B: Overwhelm…Or Focus?

I believe there are no coincidences, you notice things at a certain time because of where you are in your journey.  The following, from Roy William’s Monday Morning Memo today stands out as sage insight to me in this moment:

info overloadRoy then follows up with:

“I’m just sharing a personal observation:  Urgent things are rarely important.
Important things are rarely urgent.  And learning to tell one from the other
is the key to a happier, healthier, more productive life.  If you and I were to say yes to one big thing each day, and say no to all the little things, how much more might we accomplish?”

I am finding a key benefit of the MKE journey within is that because of the magnitude of things this adds to our daily schedule…we must make adjustments to our routines and truly determine our priorities.  It simply can’t all fit in.

I’m discovering that the choices of what to “sacrifice” are easier and easier.  When one makes the commitment to go “all in” to the MKE and diligently following the exercises, readings and what Mark J calls the “hard mental work”…many of the little daily distractions which previously usurped my day seem so trivial now.  Good riddance, may our paths never cross again!

Being present…in the role of the observer is quite enlightening.  It is one thing to rationally understand that all along subby has been making choices for me.  It is another to start to take notice if these are in my true self-interest or not, and be prepared to use the Law of Substitution to re-frame.  No opinions…really?  Now reject all negativity on our 7-day mental diet.  When my cells are addicted to negative peptides?  Such a challenge.

However, having gone through the process of identifying what my “personal pivotal needs” are and crafting my “definite major purpose”…I have such greater clarity and focus on the important and the trivial.  What could be more important than the opportunity to take conscious control of my thinking and establish aligned blueprints that ensure the 95% of my decisions made by subby on autopilot are productive rather than counter-productive.

I take it from the week 7 webinar we are finishing up with the preamble…and now ready to leave the path previously traveled onto our new adventure.  TALLY- HO!

Arch to Ship MagicRealism

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


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