MKE Week 7D: The Lighthouse vs the Weather-vane

Amy Murphy from the NWM Superhero’s summit shared a fantastic analogy that is relevant to our experience in the MKE.


A lighthouse is built upon a firm foundation and is immovable.  It does it’s job no matter what the weather is.  It is dependable, adds security to the journey.  It provides guidance so you can avoid the rocky shores of life and continue your purposeful journey to your desired destination.


The weather-vane follows the wind, it responds when the storm approaches.  It shifts direction that based on external factors.

When one responds to life on autopilot, where the blueprint subby uses to choose one’s direction 95% of the time is like a weather-vane constantly shifting…life is happenstance.

When we choose to become self-directed thinkers, when we define our purpose and choose to live via the principles of success passed down over the millennia, we are choosing to direct our life by the lighthouse instead of the weather-vane.

Create our own vision of what we choose to manifest and do the hard mental work to build our lighthouse on the rocky shores.   We can weather the storms of life and still hold true to our dharma.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


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