MKE Week 7E: Idealization.

Haanel teaches us in MKS 7/6: “They see the end before a single step is taken; so you are to picture in your mind what you want; you are sowing  the seed, but before sowing any seed you want to know what the harvest will be.  This is IDEALIZATION.  If you are not sure, return to the chair daily until the picture becomes plain; it will gradually unfold, first the general plan will be dim; but it will take shape; the outline will take form, then the details, and you will gradually develop the power by which you will be enabled to formulate plans which will eventually materialize in the objective world.”

What we initially need to get what we desire isn’t necessarily the end result.  When I desire a bountiful harvest from my garden…I don’t look for fully ripened vegetables.  I go looking for seeds.  But just any seeds won’t do.  They must be the seeds with the inherent characteristics to create my specific desires.

packet of seeds

And, it’s generally not just the seeds.  To achieve a bountiful harvest I must also prepare the soil.

garden fertilizer

When I can visualize all elements of the plan, when is the proper time to plant the seeds and how the furrows should be prepared, how I must nurture the growing plant and ensure they are not crowded out by the weeds….then I can know that we will be enjoying the harvest time delicious meal.  Before I take the 1st action…idealization and planning are critical.

horn of plenty

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.



3 thoughts on “MKE Week 7E: Idealization.

  1. This is so true. When planting your garden you must first plan where each of your plants will go otherwise they may not compatable and kill each other off. As you visualize your garden befor sowing the seeds, plan carefully and precisely to yeild that fruitful harvest. Great post🍷


  2. Love the garden thinking Jay! We just got our garlic planted yesterday after so much rain this fall! It’s my joy to imagine those little cloves in the ground, waiting to come up in Spring when we are out of hibernation.


  3. One of the things I really loved about growing up on a farm (blueberry) is that it really teaches one about the annual cycles. There is a time for planting, a time for nurturing, a time for harvesting and a time for pruning/renewal. This aspect of nature carries over into all areas of our lives. Such a benefit for your young children to be exposed to this life lesson as well. And when you cook with that organically grown garlic, it will add much flavor to your recopies!


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