MKE Week 7F: Change of Focus?

Fantastic analogy from Matthew Britt in the MLM Superhero Summit about our field of focus.

Short-term thinking is like just seeing your car dash/windshield…but not the road ahead.  This could be very dangerous.  When we are stressed with problems, they are in our immediate focus and we cannot seem to see anything but these issues.  This implies that we can be totally unprepared for opportunities around us…as well as dangers that can pop up right in front of us.

car hood close focus

However, when we have a mid-term focus, we have plenty of time to prepare or react as necessary to changing conditions.   This means we can anticipate/plan and not be caught off guard by danger…or we can appropriately respond to opportunities if we just shift our direction a bit.  We are driving being a better observer and more fully aware of both our world within as well as our world without.

car hood longer focus

And of course, with an even longer range focus, we can clearly see our destination.  We are driving with purpose.  What is happening right in front of us is less relevant, at least if things remain routine.  We know where we are going and we arrive fully prepared to take full advantages of the opportunities that our destination holds.   And should something intercede, we can respond to that as necessary, yet keep our destination in our field of vision.

car hood destination focus

Being involved in the MKE has created a shift of my focus about my life.  Less worry about matters of the moment.  A lot more thought about where I’m headed and how I must change to take full advantage of my skills and the opportunities that can manifest my bliss.

What changes am I noticing?  Ways that I can focus more on serving others and less about my immediate self-interest and gratification.   Less about meaningless distractions and more about creating value and significance.  Less about irrelevant drama of the moment and more about enduring principles and the insights from the millennia that have been passed down and highlight successful life practices.  Less anger, worry and judgments, more love and happiness.  This all is only possible when I change my focus from two to three feet in front of my face to a half a mile down the road.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


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