MKE Week 8: Developing My Force Field & Vision

A true power of the MKE adventure emerges when all of the exercises/readings are peppering my conscious mind throughout the day and establishing the good habit of taking control of what gets in and stays in my subconscious mind…and establishing a positive self-image of a capable, empowered person on a mission to master my gifts and fully engage in a mission to serve.

One key role of my conscious mind is to become my FORCE FIELD to protect me from undesirable influences, and to notice if things in my world-within are off kilter in any way that need to be addressed.  I know that by controlling my world-within I can maximize my effectiveness…and that I have the choice of how I perceive and the emotions I attach to any situation/opportunity in the world-without   Even when the world that surrounds me becomes chaotic, I can remain stable in my own cocoon as a beacon of positivism and possibility.

force field

Through continual focus on my PPN’s and DMP, and creatively applying my imagination to visualize how I will manifest my desired state…the path forward is becoming more precise and clear.

This week Haanel has us imagining all the steps from the birth of a desire through the process of planning and implementing to manifest a ship that has never been made before.

yacht blueprint

The better we can imagine the details, the more efficient our pathway to manifesting it will be.  This is a learned skill, I’m getting small bits and pieces of it but am certain with more practice it will become a strength.

I’m noticing the synergy and beauty of the dance between my conscious and subconscious minds.  The better the clarity and direction from my conscious mind…the better able my subconscious mind is to become fully aligned to support the habits that keep me making incremental progress on my chosen journey each day.  The more consistent my progress toward my desires that occur automatically, the happier I feel as captain of a well managed ship.  Just the spark of a vision at this point, but an adventure of growth that is well worth the effort.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 7G: Share the Journey…Share the Joy

The realm of personal development is often a lonely place.  Generally, only we know our deepest thoughts and challenges.  Generally, only we notice moments of improvement and joy.

One of the true benefits of the MKE and our mastermind group are the many ways to “share the journey…share the joy”..  From reading and commenting on blog posts, to Marco Polo’s, to zoom calls, to the Sunday group webinars and coaching from our guides.  This truly is a shared experience that creates synergy and mutual growth/satisfaction.  I’m pleased to be a contributing part of it.


Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 7G: Success Consciousness

We know that science confirms that our blueprint has been established over the first 6-7 years of life.  In most cases it was formed with positive intent…however, given the context of most people’s lives that have resulted we know there are toxic messages and limiting beliefs that have been impressed in most people’s minds.  Our personal blueprint defines the stories we believe are true about ourselves.  Sadly, most people’s stories tend toward beliefs of limitation of capability and lack of resources.  About what they believe they cannot do rather than what they can do.  This blueprint is what our subconscious mind uses to frame 95% of our behaviors/habits which define our actions and results in our lifestyle and how we perceive our environment.  But this doesn’t have to be the way our lives are lived forevermore.  We have the power to re-frame our beliefs.

MKE is about changing our stories and realigning our blueprint for a SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.  As we repeat empowering messages from the scrolls or the weekly readings from Haanel, when we repeat our DMP 3X/day along with triggers of associated colors/shapes, when we say “I can be what I will to be” or “do it now…do it now…do it now many times a day, when we choose to refrain from offering opinions/judgments of others and reject negative thinking…we are establishing positive beliefs.  This is the Law of Substitution and the Law of Growth in action.

Habits are slow to form, but as we learned in GS Scroll #1 only a habit can subdue another habit.  So the “tough mental work” of daily repetitions, like reading the “guy in the glass” and saying “I love you Jay Leigeber” are necessary and help me build integrity and see myself as an individual of high moral character that chooses to give more rather than being solely focused on self-interest.  And when I look in the mirror, the reflection that I see begins to change.


A success consciousness does not imply that we believe we might succeed…it is a definite promise of success over the long run.  When our state of mind is that we cannot see our self as anything other than a success, our approach to commitment and bold continuous action changes.  We divorce our self from prior limiting beliefs and recognize the true abundance available to us and how our golden nature can shine the light of truth to others as well.

I have a long way to go…but then again I’m only 7 weeks into a much longer journey.  Most important is that I  am 100% convinced this is the best adventure of my life and will be paying dividends forever more, not only to my family but also to those I reach with my message that growth and prosperity is possible for everyone who chooses to take control of their world-within.  What a blessing as we approach this season of Thanksgiving…so much to be grateful for.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 7F: Frequent Catches…and a Celebration

Several exercises this week are supporting the 7-day mental diet of rejecting all negative thoughts.  Scroll #2 from the Greatest Salesmen instructs us to “greet each day (and everyone we meet) with love in our heart”.  And to silently think “I love you” when we interact with someone, even if over the phone. Our daily reading of promises of giving and receiving heralds us to “give the hope of joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity”.  We are continuing to offer no opinions or judgments unless specifically asked and in an area where we have expertise.  It sounds easier than it turns out to be.

Being the observer, it is interesting how frequently it is my Ego’s habit to lead me down the undesirable path.  Clearly it is used to having its way and not be challenged to “play nice”.  Reminds me of how mom used to say I acted as a 2-year old.  However, it is now my responsibility to intercede and re-frame all negativity/anger/judgment into a positive perspective…or to simply say “thank you for pointing out the old habit that I am choosing to no longer follow”.  This is the process of becoming a better me.


Since Sunday when we started the 7-day mental diet I’ve had to restart the clock several times.  However, yesterday was my birthday and I made special effort to focus on positivism all day long. What a gift to make it through the day without a restart.  And part of the way through the next day as well!


Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 7F: Change of Focus?

Fantastic analogy from Matthew Britt in the MLM Superhero Summit about our field of focus.

Short-term thinking is like just seeing your car dash/windshield…but not the road ahead.  This could be very dangerous.  When we are stressed with problems, they are in our immediate focus and we cannot seem to see anything but these issues.  This implies that we can be totally unprepared for opportunities around us…as well as dangers that can pop up right in front of us.

car hood close focus

However, when we have a mid-term focus, we have plenty of time to prepare or react as necessary to changing conditions.   This means we can anticipate/plan and not be caught off guard by danger…or we can appropriately respond to opportunities if we just shift our direction a bit.  We are driving being a better observer and more fully aware of both our world within as well as our world without.

car hood longer focus

And of course, with an even longer range focus, we can clearly see our destination.  We are driving with purpose.  What is happening right in front of us is less relevant, at least if things remain routine.  We know where we are going and we arrive fully prepared to take full advantages of the opportunities that our destination holds.   And should something intercede, we can respond to that as necessary, yet keep our destination in our field of vision.

car hood destination focus

Being involved in the MKE has created a shift of my focus about my life.  Less worry about matters of the moment.  A lot more thought about where I’m headed and how I must change to take full advantage of my skills and the opportunities that can manifest my bliss.

What changes am I noticing?  Ways that I can focus more on serving others and less about my immediate self-interest and gratification.   Less about meaningless distractions and more about creating value and significance.  Less about irrelevant drama of the moment and more about enduring principles and the insights from the millennia that have been passed down and highlight successful life practices.  Less anger, worry and judgments, more love and happiness.  This all is only possible when I change my focus from two to three feet in front of my face to a half a mile down the road.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 7E: Idealization.

Haanel teaches us in MKS 7/6: “They see the end before a single step is taken; so you are to picture in your mind what you want; you are sowing  the seed, but before sowing any seed you want to know what the harvest will be.  This is IDEALIZATION.  If you are not sure, return to the chair daily until the picture becomes plain; it will gradually unfold, first the general plan will be dim; but it will take shape; the outline will take form, then the details, and you will gradually develop the power by which you will be enabled to formulate plans which will eventually materialize in the objective world.”

What we initially need to get what we desire isn’t necessarily the end result.  When I desire a bountiful harvest from my garden…I don’t look for fully ripened vegetables.  I go looking for seeds.  But just any seeds won’t do.  They must be the seeds with the inherent characteristics to create my specific desires.

packet of seeds

And, it’s generally not just the seeds.  To achieve a bountiful harvest I must also prepare the soil.

garden fertilizer

When I can visualize all elements of the plan, when is the proper time to plant the seeds and how the furrows should be prepared, how I must nurture the growing plant and ensure they are not crowded out by the weeds….then I can know that we will be enjoying the harvest time delicious meal.  Before I take the 1st action…idealization and planning are critical.

horn of plenty

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 7D: The Lighthouse vs the Weather-vane

Amy Murphy from the NWM Superhero’s summit shared a fantastic analogy that is relevant to our experience in the MKE.


A lighthouse is built upon a firm foundation and is immovable.  It does it’s job no matter what the weather is.  It is dependable, adds security to the journey.  It provides guidance so you can avoid the rocky shores of life and continue your purposeful journey to your desired destination.


The weather-vane follows the wind, it responds when the storm approaches.  It shifts direction that based on external factors.

When one responds to life on autopilot, where the blueprint subby uses to choose one’s direction 95% of the time is like a weather-vane constantly shifting…life is happenstance.

When we choose to become self-directed thinkers, when we define our purpose and choose to live via the principles of success passed down over the millennia, we are choosing to direct our life by the lighthouse instead of the weather-vane.

Create our own vision of what we choose to manifest and do the hard mental work to build our lighthouse on the rocky shores.   We can weather the storms of life and still hold true to our dharma.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.