MKE Week 21A: No More BAD DAYS

Before MKE, things tended to spiral out of control…to the down side.  Something unfortunate would occur, perhaps my fault/perhaps not…but I would fixate on the setback.  I would be seeking to blame someone else.

Because my mind became preoccupied with being upset and focused on the negative, I would notice other things that weren’t ideal either.  It would progressively become a spiral of doom!  Before one knows it, the whole day took on a crappy flavor.  At that point I wasn’t a nice person to be around, or a very productive person.

spiral of doom

Now I understand this was all my choice.

A month or so into the program, I realized I need to accept what is and focus my mindset on the positive.

As we learned the Law of Substitution and the Law of Dual Thought, I realize that any time something strikes me as a negative, I need to dismiss it or reframe it.  But certainly not dwell on it.

Now I’m immediately trying to discover:

A. Is it real or imagined?  If imagined I just dismiss it.

B. If it is real, how I can I reframe it to something positive, and deal with it appropriately.

no bad days

Maybe I’d still have bad hours, but no longer bad days.  The dominoes aren’t continuing to fall, because I chose to stop the progression.

In scroll 5 of the Greatest Salesman, we are now repeating: “I live this day as though it is my last.”  Time is the most precious resource that we have.

Working diligently on no longer having any bad hours.  A few minutes here and there are OK…but only while I’m in the process of shifting it to a virtuous cycle of uplifting growth.


Much better.

Often times people are startled by my response when they ask how I’m doing.  Now I have a pat answer…”I’m wonderful, it’s always a choice.”

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate!


MKE Week 21: A DMP Goal Realized!

I’d never blogged until I started the MKE…and on this journey of journaling my insights of the experience I discovered a wonderful avenue of self expression.  Blogging  has brought me unexpected joy.

Many in the MKE have had positive things to say about my expositions as well.  It is fulfilling to know that other’s gain something from my insights, just like I have grown by reading the blogs of others.

When honing my DMP, I decided that recognition for creative expression was a PPN and that I would have a smart goal of launching a blog covering the many perspectives of Lifestyle Freedom by June ’19.

This has become a passion project and I’m thrilled to launch it early to the world…


Here is a link if you’d like to check it out:

Time will reveal how much of an audience it serves…but my my motive is pure.  I know that I have a message some people need to hear, I hope I’m up to the creative task of serving them well, being one building block in helping them achieve whatever they crave.

I sense a lot of progress in the MKE community.  I look forward to hearing of your celebrations of beginning to manifest the things you are focused on creating as well.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.



MKE Week 20: AWAKEN the Power

Today’s insight is about inspiration and concentrated thought.  Combined, when these are in alignment with the source of all good, we become powerfully creative.

functions of the mind

From the Master Key System 20/19: “Your business in life is to understand and command these invisible forces instead of letting them control and rule you. Power implies service; inspiration implies power; to understand and apply the method of inspiration is to become a superman.”

The journey to becoming a self-directed thinker is to be present, think positively about ways to serve others and allow the Universal to use me as a vessel to bring good to the world.

The more habitual the scores of positive mental constructs and constructive behaviors that we have been adopting through the exercises are beginning to bear a bountiful harvest.

harvest cornicopia

I love harvest time!

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 19: Courage to Grow

Author Anais Nin claims

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

The MKE experience is about stretching our boundaries by shifting our mental blueprint.  The repetitive exercises, like reading the scrolls and DMP multiple times daily or flashing our cards which include life experiences we are grateful for as well as things to stimulate linkages to what are important in our lives aligns subby with our purpose and true calling.


I find that these activities are increasing my perceived self -worth.  I know I have a message that others need to hear.  The more I grow into greatness and create a following, the more lives I will touch.

Now when I look in the mirror, the image I see is more and more my future self.  A person of significance, who displays profound courage.


Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 18: Doing My Best

The only moment we can either improve or fail in in the choice of what we strive to accomplish is in the NOW.

Am I even showing up to the fundamental activities I know I should be doing to implement my plan?  If so, am I just going through the movements or truly stretching to do my best?

We have learned several techniques along the MKE journey that can have a compounding, cumulative effect.   However, we’ve also learned that infusing our thoughts/actions with ENTHUSIASM is the X-factor that leverages our results.


Why is leveraging a compound progression important as I strive to Grow into Greatness?  Because doing my best in this moment puts me in a better position to take full advantage of the next moment.  This is the essential compounding effect of sustained growth.  Of transformational change.

The legendary coach John Wooden stressed not only the importance of knowing the fundamentals, but of practicing them every day.  Developing that “muscle-memory” of unconscious competence.

When I commenced on this MKE adventure 18 weeks ago, I had unbridled expectations but the desire to do as I was instructed and make the most of this experience.  Now, so many repetitions later I don’t have the same sense of newness to the behaviors, but I do have the clear sense of growth.  That it is working.  That I am Growing into Greatness.

This is the reason I continue to choose to do my best.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 17C: Belief Precedes Results

At its core, the MKE journey is about a series of exercises and repetitions of behaviors that form positive habits.

We do the readings again and again and perform the sits thinking about these concepts to transform thoughts passed down through the ages into beliefs that support our personal quest.  Establishing the right beliefs is essential to creating the results we desire.

This is a method of learning how to think, not what to think.  After all, what I crave is different than what others crave.

Since the MKE is an internal journey, it is all about the habit of becoming self-directed thinkers.  People who can use control of thoughts to be their greatest ally instead of a powerful adversary to overcome.  We seek beliefs that are in harmony with our desires.

harmony with universal mind

Each of us started this journey from a different place, because we’ve all had decades of different experiences and mental blueprints formed partially on purpose but mostly by happenstance. Some of the lucky ones have a small amount of pollution to clean from their pond, others have stagnant, cruddy waters in need of a lot of filtration.  But regardless of the amount of cleanup required,  at our core, we are naturally golden beings made first class by first class.  With adequate practice we too can shine again.  With adequate practice our pond will be crystalline clear and pure.

Despite our unique challenges and destinations, all fellow travelers on the MKE journey have a common quest, to learn to align our subconscious blueprints to be supportive of becoming the person who will naturally make the choices and take the appropriate actions that will manifest our unique desired lifestyle.

There are weeks in this journey I have been faithful to the directions of our sherpa, completing 100% of the directed exercises.  There are other weeks when life has gotten in the way and I while I did things every day, but certainly far below my commitment.

The time to manifest the results I crave to a large degree will be determined by how quickly I embrace the habits which fundamentally allow me to control my thinking.  To always keep my promises.  To follow through and naturally see the kindness of others, notice things I’m grateful for, believe in my ability to be productive and to take time to reflect on what I’m doing well and what I can do better.

What I do know is that practice and repetition strengthen beliefs…and beliefs precede results.  What in a busy life is more important than building these skills?

A charlatan is one who professes to know the keys to success, however, doesn’t apply them himself.  This is the danger of being in the course as an observer, rather than a truly committed participant.  I choose to be a person of character with integrity.  Better to keep my promises and get to my bliss quicker.  Better to finish this journey strong and get the most out of it I can.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 17B: Socrates Demonstrates Burning Desire

It is told that a young boy asked Socrates if there was a key to success in life.  Socrates asked the boy to follow him and they walked to the river.  Socrates stared to wade in and motioned for the boy to follow.  When Socrates was about chest deep, a bit more for the boy he grabbed the boy by the shoulders, pushed down and the boy’s head went under.  While the boy was flailing about trying to get free, Socrates held his grip firm.  Finally after what seemed like minutes he released the boy who came up gasping for a breath.  The boy said “why did you do that”?

As always, Socrates starts out by answering a question with question.  “What did you want most when I was holding you under”?  The boy simply said “air”.  Socrates replied: “When you desire success as much as you wanted air…then you will do what is necessary to have it.”


Ever since I’ve heard this story, it is easy for me to picture in my mind what a true burning desire is.   The overarching question is in the moment of choice, will I do what I know I must do?   The answer must be clear…if we waffle success will elude us.

The fact that most people don’t achieve the success they crave isn’t generally a matter of not knowing the proper thing to do.  It is the unwillingness to do it at all or to only give it half-hearted effort.

The MKE teaches us that choice comes down to commitment and keeping our promises.  Doesn’t mean that our success will come right away, either.  But we do know that when we deploy the right tactics and persist, the outcome is certain.

The repetitions and exercises develop an instinctual, subconscious craving for our Burning Desire…just as our body instinctively craves air.

Peace and property be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.