MKE Week 5A: Why a Positivity Bias is Critical in the MKE Journey

Hill taught us the success formula in Think & Grow Rich: Definite Major Purpose energized with a burning desire + Positive Mental Attitude + Written Plan of Action combined with continuous action + Master Mind Alliance.  Why is a positive attitude such a critical component to achieve success?   Because of how it affects the productivity of our subconscious mind.


In this journey of aligning our blueprint to support the future state we desire, we are working with an amalgam of some old blueprint and some new blueprint for a period of transition.   Our Conscious Mind is easily swayed to accept the new approaches and teachings of the MKE.  But the Subconscious Mind…not so much…not so fast.

The Conscious Mind can assess the benefit of both new information as well as old blueprints.  Meanwhile, the Subconscious Mind can only work with current blueprints.  This is just the way it is   And we are only consciously making decisions about 5% of the time.  The rest of the time Subby rules the roost.

As we are depending on our Subconscious Mind to follow through with many of the commitments our Conscious Mind is making to follow the principles and exercises of the MKE…note the difference in the following two scenarios, related to a simple exercise of linking a color/shape to specific concepts such as our PPN’s/tasks/new principles.

colored shapes

With a negative attitude/subconscious frame of reference, the subconscious mind doesn’t see the big picture….it perceives this little game of noticing things in the environment as a bunch of poppy cock.   An unnecessary distraction.  Yes it notices shapes and colors and yet doesn’t impart the value of what seeing this shape means to our future.  So we notice a few of them when we are conscious…but there is little lasting benefit of the exercise because subby doesn’t get it and ignores noticing them throughout the day.

On the other hand, with a positive attitude/subconscious frame of reference, we consciously are overjoyed to be a part of the MKE journey.  We are fully committed 100% to doing the exercises and transforming our lives.  Because of our positive subconscious frame, subby is willing to play the game.  Throughout the day I’m seeing red stoplights and reinforcing this is connected to my PPN of Liberty.   I”m seeing blue rectangles and reinforcing this is connected to completed service projects.  I’m seeing green circles and linking these to awareness of giving and receiving.  The more these associations are linked to shapes and colors…the more subby will release positive peptides, and the more I feel good about the experience. The more value I’m perceiving in these associations, the habit is forming and subby begins to notice more and more of the AND ALSO THINK THE LINKAGE.

Basically, with a negativity bias subby is working from the frame “why this won’t work”, while with a positive bias subby’s frame is “how this can work”.

glass half full

I’ve generally lived my life more of a glass half-full perspective.  This is certainly benefiting me in the MKE journey.   And now that I realize the import, I’m consciously working on banning all negativity from my life.  Let the good times roll!

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 5: IMAGINATION…What Will I Create Today?

We all possess the skill of creation  through our imagination.  Imagination is the ability to see things as they do not now exist.


People with constructive imagination see things as they DESIRE them to be.  People with destructive imagination see things as they FEAR them to be.  Both work marvelously.

We are learning through the MKE process that when we form the proper aligned blueprint and energize it with a specific burning desire, our subconscious mind will aid us in taking the appropriate actions to create it. This is a journey, it doesn’t happen over night.  Yet it is a journey many have proven to lead to success as long as we persist.

This week as we finely craft our DMP and write our press release, we are involved in developing and properly using our constructive imagination skill.  We are creating our lifestyle of bliss.  We are defining how to live our dharma.

An interesting/timely observation: the MEGA Lottery has been on a streak of no big winner.  Each time the big prize doesn’t get paid out…more and more people pile in and the pot grows exponentially.  It’s now up to $1.6 BILLION.  And more fools rush in with the HOPE of transforming their lives.  Millions and millions of tickets sold.  But not a cent of my money.  The odds are so minuscule.  And I’m working on a plan that isn’t built on a foundation of hope.


Half a thousand of us are taking advantage of the MKE adventure…one with certain odds of success.  Do the exercises as instructed.  Do it now…Do it now…Do it now.  I Can Be as I Will to Be.  Give more to get more.  All done with the faith that we are making certain progress toward our worthy goal.   Such a blessing to have made this constructive choice.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 4M: Developing Patience

I’m a Red…I like to see results right away.  However, as Mandino teaches us in GS Scroll 1: “Yet within my allotted time, I must practice the art of patience, for nature acts never in haste.”

I’m working on becoming even more positive.  When I observe that I’m thinking a negative thought, I’m developing a habit of chasing it out with a more positive interpretation. I’ve struggled to maintain the 7-day Mental Diet.   I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about the process, but while my conscious mind says be positive…subby is running on programs that run deep on negativity.

However, I recognize that I’m now becoming a farmer.  When I plant a seed in the ground, it will be several days before anything shows above the ground.  I’m confident that I’ve prepared good nutritious soil and the seed  is fertile.  Even then, once the plant pokes through  it is a tiny little sprout.


I must continue to nourish this little sprout.  I know that in time it will create a bountiful harvest.  I’m ready for harvest time.

Patience is difficult for Reds.  Believe in the process.  As Mandino also says in Scroll #1: “I ill not break this habit of daily reading from the scrolls and in truth, the few moments spent each day on this new habit are but a small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be mine.”

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 4L: Habit = Unconscious Competence

For decades I’ve comprehended the 4 stages of Knowledge/Skills: Unconscious Incompetence (don’t know that you don’t know/can’t do), Conscious Incompetence (know that you don’t know/can’t do), Conscious Competence (learning, but must think as we act) and Unconscious Competence (habitual, we can do without thinking about the specific steps…occurs automatically).

During my Sit, I pondered some of the new habits I’m forming (noticing/focusing on joy and abundance instead of stress and lack, framing something as how can I instead of why can’t I, becoming a better giver/receiver instead of being a competitor trying to always win, etc.).

I’ve always been a big learner, typically read 2-3 books a week…definitely on the excessive tail of this trait.  But in the past all of that was consciously attempting to learn something novel/new, I was constantly bathing my mind with new concepts from a variety of sources.  I enjoyed trying to connect the dots of how ideas from one source with similar to or divergent from others, and how this aided to my insights/feelings on a subject.


Exercising my brain through the MKE is entirely different.  Not only am I’m reading things the 1st time to learn something new, I’m reading the same things over and over and over again day after day after day…the magnitude of this repetition is something entirely new to me.

Leather scrolls

I’m forming new habits based on enduring principles.  As Mandino teaches us in GS Scroll 1: “For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.  So, in order for these written words to perform their chosen task, I must discipline myself with the 1st of my new habits which is as follows: I read each scroll for 30 days in this prescribed manner, before I proceed to the next scroll…”

It’s is amazing to me when I’m reading the same words for the 7th time in the case of the Master Key System…or the 84th+ time in the case of the Greatest Salesman how I pick up some nuance of insight with each reading.

All in the adventure of releasing powers that have been dormant within me all along.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 4K: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Subby can work for us or against our desires while we sleep.  What is the key to constructive intuition when I awake?

unlocking productive sleep

When the last things that go through our mind are focused on problems, stress and disharmony…we are likely to toss and turn all night and never get the rest we need.  As well, we are likely to wake up dreading the problems we are certain to continue to experience in the new day.   I’m pretty experienced at waking up tired/grumpy.

When the last things that go through our mind are empowering and inquisitive, subby will work on solutions overnight while our body and conscious mind enjoy refreshing sleep.   We wake up refreshed ready to tackle our new day of possibility with ideas of possible solutions to that which stymied us yesterday or creative thoughts about how we could serve others in a more significant way.

The last things we do at night are a choice.  For decades I’ve gone to bed watching the news…which is primarily focused on confrontation or unfortunate circumstances.  Since I’ve started the MKE, I end my day which what I like to characterize as my MENTAL CELEBRATION.  I read the Scroll.  I read my DMP with enthusiasm.  I do my sit and ponder love and harmony.

wake up and be awesome

I’m sleeping better and rising ready to have a happy, productive day.  Thank you Mark and the Fabulous Davene for the inspiration to redirect my behavior.   This new habit thing is pretty cool.

Another constructive suggestion is if there are challenges I face that I need to solve tomorrow, I should think the thought right before I nod off “subby, please work diligently all night considering options so you can suggest multiple possible solutions for me to consider in the morning…good night.”

Keeping issues in the realm of my conscious mind is counter-productive to refreshing sleep.  Turning them over to my greatest reservior of insight…to subby is a wonderful new practice that I’m seeing can by quite productive.  As well it is empowering, because I know that while I’m turning off consciously…the work on novel solutions keeps on going all night long.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 4J: Change Through Mindfulness vs Altered Programming

Something to ponder.

I behave under two scenarios:

  1. When I am fully present (mindful) and my conscious mind is focused on directing specific behavior, it is in control.  Since my conscious mind is creative, it can choose to think/do things that are a diversion from my blueprint.  It is estimated that I’m consciously in control of behavior 5% of the time.
  2. Any time my conscious mind is thinking about something other than directing specific behavior (focused on some other creative endeavor, distracted by thoughts of something not in the current context), the subconscious mind takes over directing behavior, it is in control or often said I’m behaving on auto-pilot.  The subconscious mind is habitual and intuitive.  It only follows the blueprint…as currently configured.  Obviously it is estimated subby is in control 95% of the time.

We have also learned that our subconsciously derived thoughts/actions are chemically dependent.  Our body’s cells have become addicted to certain peptides which our body creates depending on context (externally induced stress/joy) and thoughts (internally generated perception of stress/joy).  To satisfy these addictions, subby responds accordingly.

Given that we are on an adventure of trying to change behaviors/enhance our lifestyles, there are only two options.   We could attempt to be more mindful and shift the balance (increase the 5%), or we can attempt to alter the programming so when on auto-pilot the choices subby makes are aligned with our over-arching desires.


MKE is a journey of the latter.   New paradigms and new habits are not formed overnight, it is a repetitive process.   We not only need to change the code in our programming, but also the addiction of our cells.  However, better understanding the process of what we are doing and why will help facilitate enjoying this wonderful adventure.

During the transition, it will behoove us to consider when we are safe to allow subby to be in control, and which specific situations we need to be more mindul and be the captain of our ship.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 4I: Repetition and Triggers Form Good Habits

How do we develop the desired Good Habits that will over-ride our current ineffective ones so we can love the life we live?

Haanel teaches us in MKS 4/27 “The reply is, by exercise, mental strength is secured in exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise. We think something, perhaps with difficulty the 1st time, we think the same thing again, and it becomes easier this time; we think it again and again; it then becomes a mental habit.  We continue to think the same thing; finally it becomes AUTOMATIC; we can no longer help thinking this thing; we are now positive of what we think; there is no longer any doubt about it.  We are sure we know.”

As we heard Dr Bruce Lipton explain, during our formative years (0-7), a child’s brain is in theta state recording everything it perceives.  This is how children learn their family’s rules and what society expects.  They had no choice in the matter.  As adults, the blueprints established in these formative years are controlling at least 95% of our daily decisions and actions.

Unfortunately, looking at how disruptive most people’s lives are…the blueprints most of us hold are ineffective at creating the life we desire to live.  Even if we consciously attempt to over-ride the blueprint, this can only be effective in the 5% of the time we are consciously deciding and acting.  The rest of the time subby is in charge doing what it was imprinted to do.   And our lifestlyles and demeanor suffer because of it.

Leather scrolls

The magic of the MKE exercises such as reading things like the master scrolls over and over and over again each day for 30 days, is these principles can over-ride our existing blueprints.  And not just esoteric principles…but the Personal Pivotal Needs and Definite Major Purpose specifically written to capture our unique desires in ways that will allow our personal brilliance to shine.  Once that occurs, when subby is making our decisions 95% of the time…then choices will be aligned with our desires rather than disruptive to them.  We can be as creative as we desire once subby is in harmony with the universe and the adventure we have chosen for our life to become.

Furthermore, part of the extra special action we are taking by establishing mental triggers to our new beliefs/habits, such as looking for colors/shapes…is that over time as we form these linkages, when subby sees the colors/shapes that exist all around us 24/7 we will be making the associations aligned with the new habits we are forming.

colored shapes

This will help us consistently be in vibrational harmony and be happy…as the positive peptides keep flowing through our brain every time it sees the corresponding shapes and colors.

What a marvelous process of charting a new course.  I’m so blessed to be experiencing MKE.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.