MKE Week 12: One Sentence DMP Recitation

As a part of the December 9th training session, I”m in the process of reading my one sentence DMP aloud…primarily in front of a mirror for 50 minutes straight, read with ENTHUSIASM.  In celebration of the 100th reading, thought I’d capture the moment here:

“I am jubilant when heralding others to perceive unbridled lifestyles are possible, earning over $20K/month as I creatively share platforms producing extraordinary value through leverage.”


Back to the mirror…only another 25 minutes of recitation to go.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.


MKE Week 11E: The Law of Practice

I grew up in Indiana and hold Bobby Knight (basketball coach) in high esteem as a person who inspires others to reach greatness…through mastery of the fundamentals.  He is quoted:

The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.

This highlights the diligence we place in our daily MKE routines.  We form good habits through our daily routines, keeping our DMP and associated plan of action in full consciousness so overtime it becomes unconscious competence…through practice.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 11C: Holding the Vision with Unshakable Purpose to Attain it

When the student is ready, the right lesson appears.  I’ve just had an ah ha on manifesting my desires.

From chapter 11 of the Science of Getting Rich, Wattles teaches us: “Your part is to intelligently formulate your desire for the things which make for a larger life, and to get these desires arranged into a coherent whole; and then to impress this whole desire upon the formless substance, which has the power and will to bring you what you want.  You DO NOT make this impression by repeating strings of words; you make it by holding the vision with unshakable PURPOSE to attain it, and with steadfast FAITH that you do attain it.”

I am clear on my core, personal pivotal needs.  The current articulation of my DMP feels vitalizing so it is certainly direction-ally correct.  In my sit’s I am filling in the details and adding clarity of how I conceive it and will create it.

Sounds like I’m on my way!

on target

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 11B: Gratitude and Positive Thoughts of Possibility

Chapter 11 of the Master Keys is all about our thoughts being the cause of the effects we experience in our lives.  As I consistently think positive thoughts, more goodness flows into my life, in a virtuous cycle of improving possibilities.

MKS 11/22: “The fruit of this thought is, as it were, a gift of the gods, but a gift which few as yet realize, appreciate or understand.  The recognition of the marvelous power which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions and the fact that this power can be utilized, directed, and made available for the solution of every human problem is of transcendental importance.”

To this realization, I add the compounding effect of GRATITUDE.  gratitude

First we must be observant, rather than focus on the tiny inconveniences…focus on the ABUNDANT RESOURCES available to us.  As I am aware of these blessings, which most simply take for granted, I choose to raise my heart and hands in gratitude.

Being grateful brings my mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the world.  This alignment allows me to contemplate grander possibilities and to be of service with grace.

Gratitude enables a paradigm shift.  If I believe in scarcity, the natural response is competitive. However, with a belief of abundance I perceive the benefit of servitude.  The gratitude I feel keeps me focused on sharing the abundance I experience with others.  This enable a virtuous cycle of both giving more and living a life full of experiences to be grateful for.  It is truly win/win.


An improving mindset is so empowering, leading to vibrant lives of joy.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.



Week 11A: Persistence Despite Hurdles

Technology can be a wonderful thing, until it doesn’t seem to be working for you.  Today I completed my 2nd FB Live.  This was an interview format where I would start the Live and bring in a guest to discuss the great book Think & Grow Rich.

FB Live


We had clear instructions.  We are not idiots.  But then again, neither of us are Millennials with a phone glided to our hand 20 hours a day.

I started as I planned, did what I was supposed to do and couldn’t find her on the list to invite.  She was waiting patiently and even sent requests to join that didn’t show up on my screen.  On the 4th attempt, she launched the video and tried to invite me.  Same results.  We got our mentor on the line and everything baffled her as well.

But we persisted.  We went off of FB and used a different app and connected it to FB.  This seemed to work, until we both started hearing echos.  Perhaps we had too many versions open from trying so much.

But eventually there was success.  Over 30 minutes of pure gold.  People gave positive feedback.  The key is we persisted and didn’t quit.  And the next time we’ll do a little better.

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.

MKE Week 11: The Challenge of True PERSISTENCE

We all like to think we persist.  In my old blueprint this meant I attempted to do what is expected of me.  But the bar others set can be much lower than the bar we set for ourselves when our journey is to become all we can be, to manifest our bliss.  I’m now learning that expected effort is table stakes, if I wish to rise up to new levels of productivity, the bar must be much higher, regardless of the perceived challenges or perceived disadvantages.

tortise and hare

This week in the Greatest Salesman scroll #3, Mandino defies true persistence: “I will try again.  I will make one more attempt to close with victory, and if that fails I will make another.  Never will I allow any day to end in failure.  Thus I will plant the seed of tomorrow’s success and gain an insurmountable advantage over those who cease their labor at a prescribed time.  When others cease their struggle, then mine will begin and my harvest will be full.”

The hare may have significant advantages over me, but if I remain laser focused on my journey within, like the tortoise in the fable, I will not be distracted from my true calling and I will overcome these perceived disadvantages and overwhelm through pure grit and determination.  This is something I control.  Let my golden Buddha shine.

golden buddah

Peace and prosperity be the journey, as the ripples in my wake continue to radiate.